Dear Sweetheart,

I am so sorry. I should have been there for you, with you on your birthday. Should have been there with you, holding your hand as you go to school for the first time. I should have been there with you, singing rhymes together. I feel sorry to myself even more, can’t bear the thoughts of not being with you, and more so of thoughts and feelings of missing you.

Yet my prayers are always with you. As you begin your formal education, the journey to wisdom, I have a message for you: Many parents might say, study hard get a colourful result, decorate your life with successful degree certificates. I would rather say, study not merely to get degrees and knowledge but to gain wisdom. Knowledge and degrees may give you job, but you would need wisdom to do that job wisely. Now a days, many have knowledge, but very few have wisdom. Education is supposed to make us wise, but many seem to be growing wild. I would love to see you grow wise.

As you grow, don’t try to land on moon forgetting your neighbours and countrymen. Don’t try to become self-centred, you may not find happiness. Help others in your possible ways, brotherhood is one of the important values, rather duty so deeply engraved in our Constitution (Mother of all laws). I will talk to you about the Constitution and laws when time is right.

As you grow, try to question or raise voice when your conscience calls for, but forget not our traditional values, a respect for our elders, and being gentle. It is so beautifully woven in our society, you will not know now about its pricelessness.

As you grow, you will face many challenges, you might fail and you might make mistakes. Don’t forget to have courage to face failures and make amend to your mistakes. When you fall, don’t hesitate or let shyness beat you, get up quickly and start to walk yet again. Remember, you did not learn to walk, eat and talk in a day. It was a long journey you have taken. Journey to wisdom, and successful life is no different.  Take it light, keep smiling both in success and also in failures. If you never fail and make no mistakes, then you would never reach the height; the height so called wisdom. You will remain a mediocre.

As you grow, you will come across many who would like to pull your legs down. Don’t panic, nor try to hurt them or try pulling their legs. All you need to do is, find out ways to make yourself strong and get out of it. Climb the height where no one could reach to pull your legs again. I have a long story to tell about my life, but not now, you have a story which starts with happiness with all environments conducive to make your story even better. It was different story for me by then, there were continuous pulling legs from different directions.

I would have never ending messages and words for you, but at the end, all you need to do is, grow up to live simple, yet contented, respectful and enjoyable life. Greatest gift I can expect from you is to see you happy in your life, and die seeing you happy.

Your Loving Dad