Friend of my told me I should start blogging. Here I am, trying to start blogging indeed. I have no idea about blogging, don’t know how to begin with it, yet I thought I will still give a try. I will find time to write something, something which interests me. But I still don’t know if my writings may interest prospective readers (If blogging is meant for readers). I start blogging atleast with intention that, it will keep me busy, busy when I have nothing to do, and yet it will let me learn play with words, though I may not be able to make words sing with musical sounds of flowing rivers, and make them dance with the dashing breezes. I may not succeed in crafting stories as beautifully as William Shakespeare, nor I will reach the height of William Wordsworth and make words to persuade readers to read them through.  

I start blogging in the midst of my submission deadline for an assignment; an assignment which I am yet to start on. It is very difficult to make a beginning, you are always stuck in various thoughts. How should I begin? where should I begin? You may continue to think, yet you would hardly find best way to start on. Similarly, as I start to blog, my mind stand divided; trying to think what I should type in, and at the same time worried about my assignment, though going through many scholarly articles, I am still not comfortable to make a beginning. I know, I should not and will not start to make a beginning unless I am perfectly ready, because I am firm believer that if I start well, supposedly it will end well too.

As I begin, I must think, type in the beginning, hit backspace bar. Think it again, type in again, and hit backspace bar on my keyboard again. This process will continue, till I find best possible beginning; the beginning when I will not have to hit backspace bar anymore. Consider this start, as not a real beginning, it is rather beginning to the beginning, I must travel miles before I decide to stop hitting on my backspace bar.