Dear Sweetheart,

I am writing to let you know that your Mom and Dad misses you very much. Though we are daunted by work loads demanded by environment around us, we have never stopped missing you, and nothing will stop us.

I usually keep my pain inside, but this time when I saw this picture of yours, my tear started to roll down. I felt so different, so different that I have no words to describe it. It is said that tear can be of two types, tear of pain and tear of joy. My tear was mixture of both. May be this added up to make my feeling so different and unusual. Tear of pain because, it made me miss you even more knowing that you misses us too. Tear of joy because, it made me proud to see that you are learning at great pace. Tear of joy because, I see in you a potential to grow up to be a better person in the future.

Just few more months, and counting days for family re-union after a year long parting. Distance is far beyond, and duration have been very long but, you still remain in our hopes, wishes, and prayers. Good to know that you miss us because, it helps us to know that we have been good parents to you, and you indeed care for us. I know support and care given to you by in-laws and relatives at home are immense and very commendable, thank you for still finding other reasons to miss us.

Keep learning, and keep surprising us with your developments and growth.

Your loving Daddy.