It has been very long year for me, my time here in Australia has been busy yet worthwhile. As my stay here is almost over, I remain very excited to go home. To meet my family and relatives, and to join my office and stay busy yet again. While I am here I tried to work, every Bhutanese who comes here work. You can indeed make quite a money if you can give all your energy, but it was very daunting task for me. You could if not more, at least earn equivalent of Minster’s pay in a week, yet it has not been my greatest motivation. There is no natural feeling or drive to do work. However, it was and is different experience back home. I never felt like not going to work, and never felt like taking very lightly while doing my work. I have always enjoyed working on the task I was entrusted with despite of limited knowledge or experiences I had or have. My salary or a bank account never dictated my state of mind when it concerned my job. Frankly, I could have earned little higher had I joined a private company or a corporation. Yet I decided to join government service.

If I briefly give my salary and expenditure details. The rough net salary I get in a month after all deductions is approximately Nu.16000. I pay Nu.8100 as a house rent, I end up clearing credits for groceries not less than Nu.6000 in month. Now I am left with another Nu.1900 which is not even sufficient to buy me vegetables, or fuel my car. Fortunately, I am blessed with working wife, and caring too. More than half of her salary ends up paying car loan, and the remaining hardly suffices to buy reasonable clothes, meet other necessary expenditures and family or relatives’ demands. I wonder how family of only one working parent survive in Capital City.

Few embarrassing situations, sometime you meet friends in town, you really want to invite them for a dinner or a lunch, and you offer the invitation with greatest pain of worrying what kind of a meal who would be able to serve. All you have at home is cheap vegetables, meat can hardly be afforded, and fruits hardly find place at your home. You think of sitting together with friends in a restaurant or bar and share a bottle of wine, but you see your wallet can afford no wine? You think of taking your family for lunch or dinner outside, it is good to do that quite often, but it is not affordable. Some of your friends or relatives want lift in your car, and you can’t say no, but your car is almost empty of fuel. You end up borrowing Nu.500, sometime even as low as Nu.200 to fuel up your car.

This isn’t a complaint, it is a reality. However, this hardship never stopped me from going to work, or never gave me room to complain about work load I have to go through. I can now say one thing, that is, salary wasn’t and is not the motivation for my work. I love my job, and the new challenges I am placed with before me, that is my first motivation. I have supportive and understanding wife, who helps me through in her own ways even if my job demands working on weekends, government holidays and other odd hours, that is my second motivation. I have a visionary boss, who thanks me even for very minor work I do, even if that work is not done for the boss, but as part of my job. The encouraging boss who says that if the work or the program goes well, you will be proud of yourself. This is my third motivation. I am indebted to the people and country, for the education they have given to me, from the pre-primary to my master programs. I feel I am morally bound to work in the best possible way I can, and that is my fourth motivation. As long as circumstances do not force me beyond my resistance, I will always remain motivated.