On the fifth of August, 2013 I started my journey to well known place, DOWN UNDER, known but to place I have never been before. When I came, I was very excited, as I stayed along I started to miss my home very dearly. Cooking for self, and eating alone was very difficult. I really missed sharing meals with my family. Life even got busier, very busy that I started counting days to go home. Managing or adjusting time for work, study, and sleep was another greatest challenge I had to face. Most of the time I had to compromise my meal time for leisure time, and settled for egg fried rice or quick noodles. Despite all these hassles I managed to complete my course. I don’t know if I learnt more, I don’t feel like I did. After more studies and trying to learn more, I still feel there is more to learn. However, I am proud that somehow I completed my course as I expected. 

I really wanted to attend my graduation ceremony, but it is disheartening to know that it is not happening anytime soon. And now it is time for me to go home. So to comfort myself, I borrowed my friend’s graduation gown and took this picture.
I felt little happier after taking this picture. Above all, I am very much indebted to my BNLI Family for giving me this opportunity to become student once again. With the shifts from being a student to being a office goer and back again to being a student, it seems that I understood differences between the two quite well. I therefore, extend my deepest gratitude to the Hon’ble President, BNLI, Director, BNLI, and my fellow work friends.  I must also thank University of Canberra and my lecturers for the support and guidance; for equipping me with yet another tool which would enable me to take another step further in my life. Away from home, I met and befriended with quite a few of Bhutanese, they made me feel homely, I will miss their company, and I am very thankful to each and everyone of them. 
Apart from experiencing yet another student life, I had this opportunity of experiencing the life of a cleaner. I am proud to have worked as a cleaner, not just because it was good source of earning but it was quite a good experience in itself. Am I ashamed of being worked as a cleaner? Well I find no reasons to be, after all everyone is equal. After all, it is cleaner who makes place greener. 
People might look down up on cleaners, but how does it matter? People need cleaners to make their places look better and better for them to live. 

How would it matter? They too live a life of human. Similar to the lives lived by all. 

I have found new friends, even closer than that in groups of cleaners, APC Team, and Majura Park Team. In the beginning it was hard, very hard that I felt like I need to leave and walk away from doing those jobs. As I settled in, I started to like it, and we worked together and enjoyed doing so cracking jokes about one another. We, as a group constituted of different nationalities. This cleaning job opportunity brought us together, and I found new family in them. I would like to thank everyone of them for giving me new experiences in my life. 
Now that I am leaving, after counting days to go home until now, I feel like I will miss this place and new friends I have made. However, home is home, and nothing can beat that. Therefore, I must bid farewell, and it is time to say good-bye to Canberra and hello to my home. Canberra and beautiful people I met will be missed, yet I must go and find happiness in the reunion of my soul with my home Bhutan and my family. Fare the Well………..We will meet again!!!