Back I travel to the history of the past
That still stands as part of the present,
The best past I ever had
But to those which is not worth,
I won’t take pain to recollect and groan
But there are some, to account my pain
The pain to recall best time memories
Which are worth recalling and reckoning
Those days I have lived with my love,
Love! One who love me and one whom I love
We talked in silence without speaking
And heard our feelings without listening
Best time I had, without a word, I suppose

Though in complete silence in your presence
Your subtle touches used to put me to numbness,
And your kisses warmth my thoughts
Days would seem shorter in its span
Running my thoughts to always be around you
I have become fan of numbness
And lover of warm touches of your lips
I still remember that morn, when my finger got burnt,
But still didn’t feel the pain
How insane and crazy I have grown
Under the spell of your miracle love
The bond that we share for our togetherness
Though this bond still is alive,
The parting which is “such a sweet sorrow”
As per clear philosophy of Shakespeare
Has taken away the charm of my life
And those tears of yours, I still hold,
And won’t let them fall too hard,
For there I feel your love truly engraved
To which I reckon and mourn a quite while
Breathing very hard to survive without your presence
And life seems to be incomplete all alone
Hence I remain crying still for your love
In the myth of thought which is uncertain
In the darkness though light still on
For your love my heart beats and lung breathes
And still our love remains unshaken by distance.