We religiously claim to the outside world that our slow and careful development policy helped and helps us protect and sustain our pristine environment. This has now become history. We cannot claim that our development is slow and well planned. In few decades time, we have grown fast, very fast indeed. We have forgotten to practise what we preach – haste planning and haste implementation of plans. So munch for a sustainable socio-economic development.

Protection of environment is not merely maintaining 60% of total land in forest coverage – it means clean and healthy surrounding, favourable work place, safe home, and preservation of environment for our future generations. It means taking what is reasonable for us without endangering future of our future generations.

It was Chukha Hydropower plant, then Tala, and Punatsangchu, and more, and yet more to come. Chukha as we hear was supposed to change our fortune altogether and yet we are still waiting to see that happen. Debt after debt, aren’t we risking future of our children? Shouldn’t we slow down a bit? I am not against hydropower projects but shouldn’t we slow down and examine practical returns than just keeping on trusting hypothetical returns calculated by few individuals? Shouldn’t we get more practical – get back to our valued policy of slow and careful development before it is too late?

Thromde is busy digging roads and fixing them again, and money after money spent. Shouldn’t they take more time to plan, and execute accordingly not requiring them to dig it again after few weeks?

Road workers in and around Thimphu are busy cutting road to fix potholes. Smaller potholes are cut into larger square or rectangular shaped holes, and they take months to mend it. Potholes become larger and larger as time passes by, and the cost of fixing it is doubled by the time they fix it.

It is not lack of knowledge, skills or experiences to be blamed. As His Majesty the King rightly proclaimed, in my literal translation: “It is not whether we can or cannot do, but it is more about we do it or not.” The Tsa-Wa-Sum gave us all the knowledge, skills, and experiences. It is time we pay back by exercising them for our own good.