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Happiness Away from Home – Gawa Dugo Kipa Dugo

Thank you Dragon Boys for FIFA adventure – 2018 world cup will be new experience for us – that we have taken part in qualifying rounds. To our happiness most of our players are still young, and they are here to achieve more in future if given good support – I will have it more on this later, for now let me opine on yesterday’s match against Qatar.

May be heat – the temperature there might have had contribution to our poor performance yesterday. Players of the opposing team always intercepted passes made by our players – over 80% of them. We got two clear chances but players failed to capitalise on it. However, this is not the highlight of yesterday’s match. The formation and tactics used by our coach is very questionable. I am not expert in football – however, I still believe our coach got it really wrong. We were not playing at home. Temperature there was double from what it is here in Bhutan, yet our coach decided to play very offensive game – very offensive indeed.

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Away from home even best teams in best leagues play defensive while capitalising on counter-attack and relying on set pieces. In yesterday’s match we were playing very open game – as if we were professionally far ahead of Qataris.

Chokey Nima’s tactic was relatively good; he made our players to play defensive game. They were very good defensively then – and they were very good in capitalising on counter. I think he knows best to milk good from our players. I am convinced that our Japanese coach is not a right man for this job.

Yesterday’s match has past its time, we need to prepare for tomorrow. As I said most of current national players are still young. They are gaining good experiences in international games. They have many years on their calendar. All they need is good support from our government and from our people. They need good Manager, coaches, diets, healthcare and good facilities including gym.

Let us not forget football brought us happiness – particularly Dragon Boys brought as happiness and pride. They can do even better – our government and corporations need to do better. May be government should consider levying sports and recreational taxes, and require corporations and other business entities to support sports in Bhutan. I believe everyone of us want to see Bhutan perform well in international arenas – then this is right time we all come together and act as one – spare few earnings for them, pay back our Dragon Boys for bringing us this happiness.

Thank you Bhutanese fans in Qatar for supporting and cheering for Dragon Boys, you guys overshadowed and muted much larger Qataris supporters.