So much have been said and written on and about His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. I have been thinking for days on what and how I should write dedication essay to mark this special occasion of His Majesty’s 60th Birth Anniversary. However, I realised that there is nothing left to be said or written and there is no words to describe His qualities and express our gratitude. Therefore, I decided it be kept simple and say “Kadrinchey – Thank you” beyond our words and thoughts.

Sixteen is beyond our imagination. It is an age, none of us could have started to think responsibly – His Majesty is exceptional exception. At His tender age of sixteen shouldered nation’s responsibilities. Throughout His thirty-four years of reign, He had Bhutan and His people in His mind – He had given up totally on His youth and personal interest or wellbeing. That is not something an ordinary human being can do.

His Majesty visited our School on His way to eastern Bhutan on peaceful negotiation tour to militants’ camps. At the time of those darkness, and when He had national emergencies to attend to, found time to visit us and inspire us, and share lunch table with us of very poor menu. We saw Him enjoy that lunch very much – the same lunch we complained of all the time. I still feel very bad even now that I shared that thought for the lunch we were provided for free. We overheard His attendants and guards speak to themselves that, that was one full meal He had taken in a very long time. We could see happiness in them. He cared for us and for our health – He saw us share our meals with houseflies in the same plate. His Majesty commanded Dzongda and School Principal to install window nets as early as possible. He had time and that pure heart to notice and care for very minute needs of His people, that too at the time of our darkest time. Yet again, that is not something an ordinary man can think of at all.

To give up on, renounce His Power, and dethrone Himself from the Golden Throne for His country and people is not ordinary. His sacrifices, His selflessness, His contentment – can anyone believe His these qualities? Something only Buddha could do. No ordinary man can attain this state of mind – His Majesty is not just an ordinary King, He is a true Dharma King – The indisputable Living Buddha.

Our Kings of both past and present have raised Bhutan above the clouds. Let us not dare claim those success as results of our efforts – we don’t share slightest of Their wisdoms and qualities. They have been and will always remain extraordinary leaders for all times to come. No ideology and plans of ours can match Theirs. We are lucky, and may be we may praise our luck that Wangchuck dynasty gave birth in Bhutan – our saviour. We will never be able to repay their selfless service to this nation and people even if we decide to enslave ourselves to serve them – no contribution can match Their sacrifices. Therefore, best thing we can do is honour their selflessness, Their unparalleled wisdoms, and remain inspired.

Today, let us pledge that in all generations to come, we shall not cloud Their wisdom and aspirations. Bhutan can remain strong, united and peaceful as long as our ‘Symbol of Unity’ are honoured and worshiped by the people. This genuine expression of gratitude can keep us together for all times to come.

Bhutan is well known for our uniqueness– this has now become our established identity. The unique hereditary leaders we succeeded to – selfless leaders. The procedure we followed for institution of democracy in Bhutan was unique, measurement of our development by Gross National Happiness is unique, but all these uniquenesses were founded by our majesties not us.

Shall we on this day pledge to remain unique and bring unique changes that best suit our national interest. Does our opposition need to oppose to all initiative of the government, and does our government need to take all recommendations made by opposition as useless? Does our politician need to be so selfish and solicit for win irrespective of his or her inferior qualities comparing to qualities of opposite side individual? Shall our government and opposition pledge on this special occasion that they will respect each other and remain guided by Their Majesties aspirations and people’s interest. Shall our politicians pledge that they will solicit win for best candidates even if that best person is his or her opposition.

Public offices are not places for individual to compete for wealth and power accumulation. It is not a place for disrespecting people. Manager and executives posts are not created to terrorise and look down upon subordinates. Shall our mangers and executives pledge to respect subordinates and create conducive environment in their respective organisations to rip best results founded on and guided by Their Majesties’ selfless services and people’s aspirations. Shall our public officers pledge that they will work for the best of our nation and people drawing on inspiration from His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck’s commitment, compassion, and contentment.

Gross National Happiness is basically being content – the principle that His Majesty practised throughout His thirty-four years of reign. He tried to show us that money or greed is not an ultimate source of happiness. Shall our business houses and tycoons learn to pledge that they will use their wealth to uplift underprivileged and impoverished guided by three Cs of His Majesty mentioned above.

Shall we as the people of Bhutan pledge that we will not demand everything from and leave for government to do everything for us. His Majesty gave paramount importance to collectiveness, therefore, shall we pledge today that we will work towards common good collectively.

As a parent can we pledge to good upbringing of our children – bringing them up to become responsible citizens idolising His Majesty as true son of Palden Drukpa. As a son or a daughter can we pledge today that we will always respect our parents and teachers? And look up to Their Majesties for our inspiration.

If we take these pledges, even if Bhutan can’t rise above all other nations we will never fall short of what we are today – what we are today is something most nations aspire for. These pledges will keep us unique in better ways.

The simple yet most important pledge we need to take is to always remain respectful to and guided by wisdoms of Wangchuck dynasty for all times to come. That remains to be and will always remain to be detrimental for sovereignty, unity, wellbeing and peace of our country and the people.
Today on this special day, I pledge whole-heartedly that I will hold His Majesty as my true idol for all my endeavours. That I will work with my utmost dedication and do best in my work position or positions I might take in the future.

Finally, I pray for His Majesty’s long life and good health. Kadrinchey your Majesty.