About Me

I come from one of the remotest place in Bhutan, from the village of Mewangang. It is comprised of few smaller scattered settlements. It is very isolated and thinly settled village. Situated in the middle of a dense forest, it is almost cut off from all modern influences. The settlements altogether makes it a majestic and heavenly village – huge hanging natural sofa. Single settlement – proper Mewangang at the centre can be eagle-sighted from all other settlements located mostly on either side of the sloppy arms of giant sofa. This lonely standing settlement at centre serve as a connector to other settlements. It is an epicentre for all village gatherings. I come from Dumjang, one of the scattered settlements under Mewangang Village. Mewangang is in Goshing Gewog, Zhemgang Dzongkhag. To the northwest, on the other side of the mountain, it is Digala, Bardo Gewog in Upper Kheng, and to the northeast, it is Ngangla Gewog. The place I come from must be one of the greenest in Bhutan.

I was fortunate that my parents sent me to school. Very few from 12 of us were sent to school. In my education journey I have traveled quite far. Most importantly, it is privilege for me to work as a civil servant, most sought after public job in recent times.

I work as Legal Officer at Royal Institute of Law, Taba, the Project Office for establishment of first law school in Bhutan. I am doubly privileged to be part of this wonderful project.

Nima Dorji
Legal Officer
Royal Institute of Law,
Email: nimadorji84@gmail.com


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