Kuzuzangpo and Very Warm Welcome.

Everyone agrees that there is need for law. The birth of law started with an objective of ensuring peaceful co-existence in the society. The birth of statehood, King, government including parliament were and are process of the evolution of legal system to maintain public order so that individuals or citizens can live harmoniously. A person as a human being posses rights against neighbours, and to ensure that he or she can enjoy these rights, he or she gives his or her power to the government in trust that should anyone infringe his or her rights, the government will step in to protect his or her rights. However, it is important to note that your neighbours will also posses similar rights, so there will always be conflicting rights. That is when common good comes in – that is protection of common interest. Therefore, common interest almost in every case will be paramount. In other words, social interest is the rule – and others are exceptions to it.

Except for the law of cause and effect – birth and death, no other laws are certain. No human being is invincible, and laws so made by human being shall never be devoid of uncertainties. When laws are uncertain, and when it is not zealous of protecting social interest, that is when injustice creeps in. Social justice is the ultimate purpose of law, and a law that doesn’t purport to ensure or protect social justice is no law indeed. The concept of social justice will change as a society will continue to grow – the law must keep its pace with a growth of society. Therefore, law will continue to remain a vital tool for smoothening our society – yet there will also be hiccups as we forge head. We must not forget that society and law shall go hand in hand. This blog shall be an attempt to understand our society in light of legal concepts and philosophies.


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