Poems from my school days 

Eastern Wind

by nima45 on August 29, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

Peaceful morn; oodles of dawn,
Reflecting light, the sleek lawn;
Fresh, cool and winely gale,
Made a way over dale,
The eastern wind.All the forests and flowers,
Dance cheerfully all over the bowers;
Out of mind, my pains,
It swayed to drains
Detering eastern wind.

Rended the families’ company,
all existence for them, thoughts made journey,
Numberless hugs I could have,
And ceaseless kisses over wave
The rushing eastern wind.

Take; Share my pain,
Let not in vain
Go share my love and care,
Back rend theirs, here it’s rare
The charming eastern wind.

From thou, I’ll feel every kiss and love,
Thou could do it, but not drove,
Flow wind flow, ceaselessly sans rest,
Thou art messenger: could bring zest,
Cease not God, The Eastern Wind.

Waiting Dream

by nima45 on September 5, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

She is having a dream,
A ever waiting dream.
People prays to god,
But for her nature is god.
Now she prays to her god; The nature,
To acquire her ever waiting dreams in future.
She believes in one love,
And she won’t mind waiting for that love,
Though it would take her life,
For she believes in her own life.
She have lost concept of hatred in mist of love,
Now she have learned how to love.
She will wait for that love whole life,
For she knows value of life.
None can change her dream,
For she have her dominant dream.
She feels strong, with her gods around,
and she believes earth moving around,
She will never weep in her lifetime,
For she believes to achieve her dream, it is almost time.

Boarding School

by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

Those days……my days,
It is worth recalling memories,
Making it issues for future,
Before it turns vague and makes far cries.The Greedy Rain in monsoon rules,
And stopped transport of ration to schools,
The days itself cries in remembrance,
We were to get ration from home, without confidence.

We walked through deep-dark forest,
And numberless passes without rest,
The little heart cried in pain,
In trifling heavy rain

Now we were to cross fast-flowing river,
Our life, just bubbles at brim of that river,
The lost heart cried again,
‘Only if river could stop,’ but in vain.

Sudden troubled pleasure,
Two village men appeared for sure,
Indeed they did help us,
But, somehow turned to be fountain of our pain.

Tomorrow they chanted their complaints,
Where we were asked to take off our pants,
Oh….no! That cane again,
Leaving its prints deep inside our skin.

We never knew what happiness could be?
And what pain would be?
We only remember how we lived,
How worth it is to be lived.

Rose day

by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved


Early in the dawn,
I crept back from the hall,
Over the sleek lawn
To enjoy the shower that falls.

Throng all around chants,
What hath happened I knew not?
Complaint; none of roses on plants,
Wandering to and fro a lot

It was my boon companion,
Among drove, ran to me,
With his oodles opinion,
But thought it was jest on me.

He said, “Today it’s a rose day”,
Yet, it was first time I heard of it,
Said, “Droves in oodles gay”,
Thought it was gossip or real wit.

After lots of thoughts on throne,
Caught glimpse; droves with roses all over,
With lots of fun to own,
O’er hollies and beneath the bower.

Realized, it was of no jest,
With bear and skittles to own,
And with thoughts sans rest,
But, it was too late to think on.

O’er a glossy lawn,
To present it to my love,
Sought for roses in morn,
None to be found but, just a clove.

Bubbles At Brim

by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

Brightest mass penetrate,
The dull white masses over sky,
Gloomy is the climate,
Where I caught glimpse, the flying bird high,
I strut over lawn,
Hear the bird singing moan,
In a gloomy dawn,
From a tree forlorn,
Whence it came hath not known,
With the songs fading dim,
Rending crying thoughts to own,
For our lives; bursting bubbles at brim,
Our lust for song; the brine,
Which brings pine.

Flower Garden

by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

The morning was brightest,
Flowers in garden glimmered,
Insects came to taste,
Fragrance of blossoms, that glimmered.
I move closer to my love,
And cried to my little love,
“Come hither, my love,
How charming it is,
To enjoy the nature’s laugh,
Rending the zest facilities,
Insects enjoys the fragrance,
And flies off without farewell,
Again they come and glance,
Without farewell they fly off as well.
We are in this world,
Enjoying beauties of nature,
Time would come we are hold,
Leave half enjoyed the future,
Let’s be true to each other,
And enjoy the gift of god,
These are not for farther,
And leave the dorm with charming thought”.

Give Her Peace

by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

Be not down by the word Judas,
When thou art not
Thou cried with diffident,
But thou know not
I too cried with diffident lot.
Let them beat farewell,
Be not dolorous
On absence of their company,
When they care you not
Remember we are always around you,
White masses on mount melted,
For lion it was dolefulness,
It haps with their gauntness
While thou art in serene zest,
Their words
Made you cry with lugubrious ness,
But thou know not,
I was plaintive of that.
Now why bother!
Let them play; for they are pleased
But I pray thee,
To cede such ships of them,
While they turn to chide thee,
God! This insult for her be,
First and last; end forever,
And give her peace, the peace,
That would last long.


by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

Blossoms could not keep lustrous eye,
For it blooms and reels to clove,
With its fragrance, high in the sky,
Presenting oppression to drove,
On beauties not to have glance,
Everything! Everything; Impermanence
Love that bounds us in net,
Passes and we forget,
Dawns to dusk with sun rise and set,
Many misfortunes the years beget,
Not to have alternate,
Everything! Everything, impassionate,
Our life; for further not to come,
We reel toward silent tomb.
Nothing in this world is permanent.

Love Realization

by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

Something whirled to strand bank,
With cold rushing gale,
In that strand I was dank,
Forlorn in deep dale,
I trod forward made a draught,
But was brine,
Nothing to quench the thirst, for no doubt,
Sought lot, no where, but pine,
Never to have glossy shine,
Nor could enjoy the sleek leas,
All round, the bared slopes that incline,
Rememb’rest, the morn with families,
My realization, Loving! Loving is transgression,
Its taste so bitter, with oodles of oppression,
In delight trod with chants,
With lust to have roses,
But could not bear the thorns on plants,
Before roses, thorns it tosses,
Though roses are beautiful,
It is of thorn full,
Realized, touch not roses it rends pain,
With all desires in vain,
Realized, to radiate love true freedom,
To demand it pure slavery-dom,
Lesson, never to toll love,
Nor listen to the songs of drove…

Nature’s Cry

by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

My love, how beautiful are those perfect flowers,
With attracting corolla and calyx,
Their dances prevails all over the bowers,
Perfect place for vivo to rest,
Will this gametogenesis of nature prolong?
Without men syngamized for long,
I wish all existence were clones mentally,
And epiphyte physically,
We adds fuel on isolating mechanism,
And minimize logistic growth of nature,
But not hum oral immune system for photoperiodism,
Instead, ingests without thoughts for future,
My love, why don’t you transpire evil thoughts?
And add auxin to osmosis nature’s growth,
Why do you pressurize nature’s embryonic states?
Though you are endemic to those rates,
My love, what do you say?
With nature growing cold day to day,
Soon they are going to make a far cry,
Never to breathe with gay,
At this moment can we let then extinct?
No! No my love, I could hear their cry,
From them, we are not distinct,
Why don’t you understand, they have hearts to cry.

One People all Round

by nima45 on September 6, 2005.  © Nima Dorji, All rights reserved

We drink a health, in this solemn night,
A health of Thunder-Dragon, the best,
Men in best delight,
Who love native clime the best,
Freedom forever live,
Leading stronger life day to day,
Men all preservative,
Lets not culture hence away,
One people all round,
Follies not yes to be found,
Instead inclined to hollies,
With creeds round and round,
Let not country be reliance,
Nor put clime to doom,
With one’s narrow defiance,
Let on throne be the boom,
Put not mother on back of beyond,
Disguise not, a back-seat driver,
Nor foil back-room boys, beyond,
To make our country shiver,
Incline to creeds
Rip mother with charming reeds,
One country, one people all round,
With fame for Thunder-Dragon round and round,
We drink freedom across flood,
We know thee best, we love thee best,
For we of Bhutanese blood,
And cares thee sans rest,
O’ Rise our Himalayan sons,
To establish strong freedom spring,
To have full of funs,
That can be liked by the king,
And strict to laws,
Like rivulet that flows,
One people all round!
God! Let not people confound,
To our mother’s fame my friends,
Rend great cause of freedom round and round,
And let sorrows to drains,
Up rear the peace sound,

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